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  APTS Relay Test Set
  ORTS Relay Test Set
  PCA2 Protection Condition Analyser
  BTS Battery Test Set
  TCT2 Trip Coil Tester and Timer
  Training & Consultancy
  Test Set Hire
(UK only)

APTS - Automatic Protection Test Set
Megger Equivalent (SMRT36)
A universal relay tester - Tests all types of protection relay

ORTS - Overcurrent Relay Test Set
Megger Equivalent (SMRT1)
Overcurrent, Differential, Voltage, Frequency, Thermal and Single Phase Distance Testing

PCA2 - Protection Condition Analyser
Megger Equivalent (PCA2)
On-load injection and trip testing

BTS - Battery Test Set
Megger Equivalent (Torkel)
Constant Current Discharge Testing of Tripping Batteries

TCT2 - Trip Coil Tester and Timer
Megger Equivalent (B10E)
Breaker Trip Coil Testing and Timing at reduced voltages  






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